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Why buy awning windows from Carol Stream Window Replacement?

Awning windows are most popular in bathrooms or restrooms and are always a great visual addition to any home. They are designed to let in fresh air even with a slight drizzle outside. With a wide range of styles offered in various sizing across industry standards, we’ll help you find the style of awning windows that you’ll love on your home. They are made of the highest quality materials, grand design for an elegant visual impact, and are easy to use and clean.

Our professional installers will help you decide between fixed units or awnings with a sash. We use a unique mechanism to make the awning sash pivot at the top and you can choose from varying types of sashes for each awning individually or within a group.

Even though most awning windows are used in bathrooms and restrooms, our customers also enjoy having them in other spaces that might need more privacy, such as the master bedroom. The key to awning windows is to fit them above eye level, which allows you to add more ventilation and natural light to a room while still protecting your privacy. In your smaller spaces, awning windows can free up cabinet space that might otherwise be taken up by typical windows.

Here’s a look at all that you’ll enjoy from our awning windows:Our awning windows provide you with full ventilation control. The unique horizontal design of our awning windows will provide a constant flow of fresh air into your home. The open sash of the awning window will help draw in the outside air.

You’ll notice additional light into your rooms with a modern expansive and open view.

Awning windows will provide a clean, flush-faced external display.

Our professional installers use the best awning windows with a dual weather stripping system and polyurethane window frame to give you the highest quality weatherproofing. The stainless steel awning windows provide pain-free opening and closing.

Our dual locking system will provide the best security possible.

Unwanted insects will be kept out with standard fly screen covers on all our awning windows.

With plenty of frame colors and grille styles to choose from, you’ll find the perfect awning windows to match your house.

All of our awning windows unlock at the bottom, which allows you to let in the fresh outside air no matter what room they are in, even when it’s raining.

Our awning windows can be custom manufactured to match any size requirements for your home. Carol Stream Window Replacement will help you find the perfect awning windows to fit your personal style and be the best investment for your home.