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Homeowners have a wide variety of windows that they choose from for any home build or renovation. For those fortunate enough to have a home facing a gorgeous view, you’ll love having a picture window to help bring that view into your living space. Picture windows are named after the idea of creating a picture frame of the outdoor scenery and they are a perfect way to help make a design statement in your home. It’ll help your guests fall in love with the beautiful view you get to enjoy every day.

Most picture windows are fixed, meaning that they do not open. By having a fixed picture window, you can eliminate any gaps and be completely insulated from any unsavory weather conditions. This will help you enjoy the visual beauty of the outdoors without the chill of the winter or the heat of the summer. Having a fixed picture window will also help any of your family members or guests who might have allergies, which is another great benefit for homeowners.

Picture windows are typically much larger than normal windows, which will help bring as much natural light as possible into your living or working spaces. If you’re worried about also being able to preserve your privacy, our team at Carol Stream Window Replacement will help you find a solution for that as well. One great option is to mount vertical blinds or curtains that can offer privacy when you need it and can be easily brought out of the way when you want to focus on the gorgeous view of the outdoors.

Our picture windows are made of Low-E glass to help maximize energy efficiency. Rigid vinyl cladding is used in all of our picture windows to ensure lasting durability. You can also choose from a wide variety of color options to suit your own personal style and we proudly guarantee that the color will not flake, rust, blister, peel, crack, pit, or corrode. With quality that we can guarantee and craftsmanship you’ll be proud of, picture windows from Carol Stream Window Replacement will help you connect the beauty of the outdoors with the comfort of your living or working spaces. They are the ideal solution for anyone wanting to enjoy and celebrate the perfect view that your home was created for.

If you decide that you’d like to update your space by moving away from a picture window, we can easily replace your picture window with your choice of casement, double-hung, gliding, or awning window styles.

Give our friendly Carol Stream Window Replacement staff members a call today and we’ll schedule a time when you can meet directly with one of our professional installers who can help you pick the perfect picture window for your home. We proudly stand by every aspect of our customer service, our installations, and even our post-installation maintenance. Our goal is to help you turn your house into your dream home and we’re thrilled to serve you. Don’t wait! Call today!​​