How do you know if you need replacement windows?

Take a walk around your house and note all the windows that show significant signs of age. Also, think about all the parts of your home where you feel a draft in the winter. Those are clear signs that you need replacement windows right away. Carol Stream Window Replacement has the qualified professionals that can help you replace those obviously faulty older windows and we’ll even let you know if the rest of your windows pass our quality tests. That way you’ll know which ones you might need to replace in the near future and which ones could last you a while longer.

When installing replacement windows, it takes an incredible amount of skill and expertise to do it properly. The outside of your home has to be treated so that all exterior materials can be removed without damage. For our team of topnotch installers at Carol Stream Window Replacement installing replacement windows is a quick home improvement project that can bring a much needed update to the look of your home and help cut down on your energy bills right away. We’ll take careful measurements to fit the replacement window within the same opening of the existing window to help save you time and money on the installation. Replacement windows are much more affordable than completely new windows because it’s making use of the same exact preexisting measurements as before. The only downside is that the glass area will be slightly smaller with the replacement window. But we’ll walk you through all of those details to help you decide if replacement windows are the right fit for you and your budget.

Even though some homeowners replace all of their windows at the same time, that’s not always the best decision. Sometimes a window might only need a new glass or pane, instead of a full replacement. That’s why you should ask our professionals at Carol Stream Window Replacement to come to your home for a free estimate. We’ll find the work that needs to be done and we’ll show you where you can save some of your hard earned money. Our topnotch installers are the best in the business, equipped with the tools and skills required to complete replacement windows in just minutes, which gets you and your family back to enjoying your home even faster.

Replacement windows are made out of a couple different types of materials. They are usually constructed from vinyl or fiberglass and sealed with glass. We also have wood replacement windows but they are not quite as cost effective as vinyl framing materials. Vinyl will help increase energy efficiency, they don’t require an outer seal or paint, and are a lot more affordable than wood. Even though metal windows provide a contemporary look, they are not always the best option for energy efficiency.

The Flush Fin Frame

The flush fin, or Z-bar replacement window covers the gap that lies inside the current frame and the exterior of the replacement window. This is a great option because it allows you to do the installation from the outside instead of having to mess with the exterior of the home or even the drywall on the inside.

The Block Frame

The block frame replacement window are typically used in homes that currently have wooden windows installed with an exterior of siding or brick. When installing the block frame, the original outer edge of the wooden frame is left as is. Because of this, the wooden frame must be in excellent condition or the installation will fail. Carol Stream Window Replacement is here to serve you and to help move your homes windows into the current age! Give our team a call and we’ll get you started down a road with more energy efficient windows that can fit almost any budget.

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