Sliding windows are a very popular type of window for many of our customers. Also known as gliding windows, they are horizontal windows with sashes that slide on tracks. Most of our customers prefer to use them in rooms with lower ceilings, where you don’t have as much vertical space to work with. With a contemporary look, sliding windows can offer the versatility that your space is needing while also maintaining the security of your home. Our team at Carol Stream Window Replacement will install your new sliding windows or we can replace the existing ones that are corroded, rotten, or just don’t quite offer the same look they used to after decades of use.

Here are just a few advantages of our sliding windows:- Sliding windows include very energy efficient glass packages. Carol Stream Window Replacement will provide you with a wide array of glass packages to help keep your home as energy efficient as possible.- Sliding windows are easy to clean and maintain. The sashes are installed so that they can be lift out of the window channel easily and cleaned often.- Sliding windows open and close smoothly and with little effort. The smooth gliding action is what makes our sliding windows so popular with our customers. You’ll find that same smooth gliding action with all of our sliding windows at Carol Stream Window Replacement, with our tandem brass rollers providing the almost effortless actions of opening and closing.- Sliding windows reduce air infiltration. Our topnotch installers use specially designed air barriers and weather stripping to help protect your living space from the harshest elements throughout the year. This will help keep your energy costs down and will help reduce allergy symptoms for your family and guests.

As you can tell, our horizontal sliding windows are not only beautiful but extremely practical for any living or working space. You’ll enjoy a large, unobstructed view, with an easy open and close operation that is especially helpful in those locations that are more difficult to reach. Carol Stream Window Replacement is proud to offer sliding windows manufactured out of aluminum, which is lighter and more affordable than timber. This helps our sliding windows be a cost effective option to bring a sense of style into any home. Our sliding windows, or gliding windows, also include much more glass to allow the maximum glass area possible in any operable window option. We offer unique glass options that help create protect the inside of your home from UV radiation and unwanted outdoor noises. You can also rest assured with our optional locking mechanisms and screen options that offer greater security for your home.

Our topnotch installers at Carol Stream Window Replacement will customize your sliding windows, or gliding windows, according to your home’s exact specifications. You’ll be able to choose the particular color, texture, screen type, and locking mechanism that suits your needs. We stand behind our colors and guarantee that they will not flake, rust, blister, peel, crack, pit, or corrode.

Carol Stream Window Replacement customers are thrilled with their sliding windows, or gliding windows, making it a very popular choice for their living and working spaces. We’re proud that our customers help refer their friends and family to Carol Stream Window Replacement after experiencing quality service and the best workmanship possible on their homes. You’ll enjoy the entire process, from your first call with one of our friendly team members, to the thorough assessment with our topnotch installers, and our post-installation maintenance. We’ll make sure you’re thrilled with the process and the finished product for years to come.

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